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How to Build a Media List

As a PR practitioner, one of the most important tools in the imaginary toolbox is the the media list. What is a media list, you might ask? According to Criminally Prolific, a media list is document that has specific details on journalists, bloggers, writers, influencers, and even editors. This blog post will discuss tips on the best way to compile a media list that is both practical and user friendly.  Some PR practitioners have several different media lists, these lists can be organized based upon different projects/sectors that the professional is working on. For example, if the client or the industry that one is working on is related to fashion and beauty, there may be on practical media list for professionals who write or create content that is related to fashion and beauty. So, lets get into it! 

1. Find the target audience The first step to ensuring that the media list is effective, is to make sure the target audience has been identified. This will eliminate contacts that are not useful for the particular project. 2. Conduct research One of the quickest ways to get a response when pitching to writers is to personalize the message to them. The only way to prove that you have taken the time to get to know someone, is to do research prior to. 

In Social Media: How to Engage, Share, and Connect, Dr. Luttrell suggests referring to a writers blogs, newspapers, or the media that they work for and take part in discussion forums, offer up items you see that may be of interest to them, and connect them with sources.   3. Organize the information Most media list usually contain the name of the writer/influencer, their role, name of the publication they work for, contact information, and a few links to their reason work.  Another element that may be beneficial to you as a PR practitioner, is adding a column that has small details about the person that you will be pitching to; these details can include, the way they would like to be addressed, a few conversation starters, or their interests.  4. Regularly update the list  The key to staying organized is to make sure the media list is updated. The industry is constantly changing writers/editors and influencer can sometimes move between publications or projects. Updating the list may involve adding or eliminating people from the list. 

Having a a few well organized media list, will make life a PR practitioner a lot less stressful! Now that you have drafted the media list, its time to use to! Happy pitching! 

Chat with ya later,  Cierra C. 

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